Happy Girls Are The Prettiest!

“Happy Girls Are The Prettiest” is Ella Allure Skin’s newest segment encouraging all our beauties to be happy.

Sunday, December 20th we will be picking one happy, pretty girl to be featured on our page and to receive a gift! We are doing our first giveaway during the holiday season to encourage others to save money while still stocking up on your self care favorites for free!

Too kick off this segment we are giving our first happy, pretty girl a $100 Ulta gift card and our best selling “Evertyhing Sleek” Matcha & Vanilla dry skin relief body butter!!


  1. Follow Ella Allure Skin on instagram @ellaallureskin.
  2. Post a video to your page introducing yourself, then state 3 things that make you happy.
  3. Like and share our giveaway post! 
  4. Mention 2 friends under our instagram giveaway post!

“Happy Girls Are The Prettiest” means being optimistic, kind, beautiful and simply just being HAPPY! When someone is happy they have a glowing presence, aurora that makes them pretty.

Happiness isn’t always having a joyful smile, it has more to do with your physiological state, your mind and body. What are you doing to develop happiness all around the board? This all goes back to Ella Allure Skins ideas of pushing self care. You must take care of yourself to feel good, which brings satisfaction and happiness. 

Words from our owner Khalia:

”When you are genuinely happy you are protecting your sanity and you are promoting a healthy lifestyle. Just think about how stressful it would be if you were upset and had an attitude all the time. When you live a life of being negative such as having a attitude or being upset you will bring more of that negativity into your life. When you are happy 9/10 you will attract more happy moments. Yes there are difficult times, and times when you don’t know what to expect but once you learn to shift your perspective you will begin to live happily and amazing things will begin to happen. Let your happy moments outweigh your negative moments. Make your happiness a domino effect”